Banana Split tail 156

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Banana split tail powder board


Introducing the "Banana Split Tail", your ultimate companion for deep powder adventures. Crafted with a revolutionary Banana Split Tail design, this snowboard combines playful maneuverability with exceptional float in the deepest snow. The directional shape and swallowtail design effortlessly glide through powder, while the rocker profile in the nose ensures smooth turn initiation and enhanced floatation.

Built for serious powder enthusiasts, the "Banana Split Tail" features a responsive flex pattern that allows for precise control and dynamic turns. Its lightweight and durable construction, including a premium wood core and advanced fiberglass laminate, ensures reliability and longevity season after season.

Whether you're slashing through untouched powder fields or navigating through tree runs, the "Banana Split Tail" excels with its agility and performance. Perfect for riders seeking the ultimate powder experience, this snowboard is your ticket to endless deep snow adventures.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review